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Keep up to date with some of the things I'm doing and random thoughts about everyday life as I see it.

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It's always a massive privilege to speak about the many life lessons and experiences I've been blest to encounter in my years thus far. I look forward to hearing from you.


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They say a picture tells a thousand words.......well here's some pictures...................I wonder how many words videos tell. Enjoy.


4 Seeds

A number of years ago I was reading the parable of the sower. At that time I was a board director of CBM Australia and was heavily going through a strategic planning period for the organisation and was really focused on strategy. As I read this parable I was struck with a concept revealed in this parable about strategy and the church. So I've begun writing a book on it.....hopefully to be finished late 2017.


Who would have thought?

If someone had of told me as a teenager that Federal Law would be changed because of me and that a Parliamentary bill would be passed in my own name and that I'd hold a Guinness World Record - I probably would have said that they were crazy and that'll never happen. But that's just a small taste of some of the amazing things that have happened. I love sharing about these things, and explaining just how God has always looked after me.


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