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At the age of 18 a bicycle accident not only changed my physical life - it also changed how I view everything. The date was the 10th of February 1997, I had just completed my VCE in 1996 and was planning on studying Disability Studies at RMIT in Bundoora - however that day changed everything.......

Even though it was the most painful experience of my life, and there are days that are unbearably hard - I wouldn't change a thing.....!!!!!

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Dale Barry Sheppard


Frankston VIC AU




Melbourne AU


Bachelor Applied Science


Golf, Woodwork, Metal Work & Gardening

Public Speaking

Once Upon a Time I was Too Shy to Speak

Years ago I can remember being terrified of having to speak to a group of people. In fact I did everything I could to even read aloud in class. As soon as I had my accident speaking publicly just became so natural to me that I now love doing it. It's always a massive privilege to speak publicly and if you would like to book me to speak at you event, service or the like please use the button below to contact me.

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