I'm taking on another massive challenge!!

Over the past 2 years my wife and I have gotten to know another couple. They began running as they had the desire to complete a marathon. As we ate our diner together and hearing what went through their minds during the marathon they completed, I couldn't help but feel a little light flicker inside of me. That flicker has now become a bright spark.

I’ve just been speaking with the Starlight Foundation regarding a fundraising opportunity that I’d like to do as a way to give back.

In 1994 Starlight granted my brother a wish and sent our entire family to the USA - which was a massive long-lasting experience that we all reflect upon with great fondness. It is expected that he will pass away this year as he is now on palliative care.

In 1997 I was involved in a bicycle accident in which I broke my neck in 3 places and am now a quadriplegic wheelchair user. This as can be imagined impacted our family to a huge degree. Due to the nature of my accident there was a significant public outcry and it was covered throughout TV & radio news / talkback stations and newspapers. We took the Government on - changed Federal law and I’m the second Victorian to have a Parliamentary bill in my own name.

As a thank you to Starlight and in memory of my brother I’ve registered to push (in my day chair) the Melbourne Marathon in October 2018. I want to capitalise upon our story to raise funds for the Starlight organisation as they impacted our lives greatly and I’d love for Starlight to be able to continue this great work.

I’ve set myself the target of $1M to raise - I’m pretty confident with the right strategic approach and collaboration we can reach this target. There are many people who will remember my story and when coupled with the great work you do will create a compelling reason to give. If you're reading this please consider helping us to reach this target.

I do not want anything from this - every dollar is Starlight's.

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